Interview With Legal Mystery Author V.S. Kemanis

V S Kemanis

When I began reading the first V.S. Kemanis book called Thursday’s List, I was not really sure what kind of mystery series it would be. I only knew that it had something to do with law, mystery, and crimes. I figured it would be a courtroom drama, or maybe a legal thriller. And I was wrong. The more I read, the more I realized that the book didn’t quite fit any of the usual literary stereotypes. It belongs to a genre called a legal mystery. And let’s just say, I got hooked on it very soon. V.S. Kemanis is the author of the […] Read more »

Interview with British Author Peter James

Peter James

Peter James is undoubtedly one of the most prolific British crime thriller authors of our modern times. As soon as I got the chance, I literally jumped at the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his famous Brighton detective Roy Grace who has captured our hearts for the last 10 years throughout the popular mystery books because reading the Peter James books in order is a real joy for any British mystery fan. While reading his first novel, Dead Simple, several years ago (without knowing much about the author at the time), I did assume that he was an American author, and with good reason. The […] Read more »

Interview With Author Lynn Carthage

lynn carthage

Lynn Carthage is the author of Haunted, the first book in the Arnaud Legacy gothic mystery series. Having read the book, I am pleased to have had the chance to interview Lynn about it, about her series and any plans she has for the future regarding her writing career. I hope you will enjoy reading the interview. What was your inspiration for starting the Arnaud Legacy trilogy? I had a nightmare. The scene where Phoebe comes across the little stone cottage in the woods and climbs up to its roof? That was straight from the dream. When I woke up, I wrote it […] Read more »

Interview With Book Author David Khara

David Khara

When I first saw The Bleiberg Project by David Khara offered at Netgalley, the blurb made me curious enough to request it. When I finished reading it, I couldn’t wait to get the second book in the Consortium Thriller series, The Shiro Project, however, I soon realized that I did have to wait for a while, as it hasn’t been translated to English yet. David Khara is a French author and his books are, of course, written in French, followed by their English translation at a later date. Now that The Shiro Project has also been translated into English, I got a chance […] Read more »

Interview With Mystery Author Michael W Smart

Michael Smart mystery author

One of my favorite activities on the blog is introducing new authors to my readers through interviews and author spotlights. Today we have as guest mystery writer Michael W. Smart, author of the ‘Bequia Mysteries’ series. The books are set in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, quite the tropical and exotic location, at least for those of us who don’t get to travel often far away from home. I hope you will enjoy the interview and check out the author’s books. So let’s get started. Marika, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog and for this opportunity to […] Read more »

Interview With Author Luke McCallin

author Luke McCallin

Having read and reviewed The Pale House not long ago, I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been looking for interviewing the author on my crime mystery site. The Pale House is the second book in the Gregor Reinhardt historical thriller series, and it focuses on Gregor,  a German intelligence officer during the Second World War who has been promoted to Feldjaegerkorps, a very powerful military police branch, with the main task for him being to oversee the German’s retreat through Yugoslavia, in Sarajevo. Gregor Reinhardt is quite the character, and I’m planning on reading the rest of the books in the series […] Read more »

Interview with Book Author Dietrich Kalteis

Dietrich Kalteis

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dietrich Kalteis, the author of Ride the Lighting on Mystery Sequels. This is his debut novel and it was released April this year, published by ECW Press. I am quite eager to read the crime story as the reviews are full of praise. Just have a look at what is being said about it: “Dietrich Kalteis will be deservedly compared to Elmore Leonard, but he is an original voice. Ride the Lightning is a great story filled with wonderfully flawed characters.” – John McFetridge, author of Dirty Sweet and Black Rock. “…it sustains a […] Read more »

Interview With Author Aline Templeton

Aline Templeton

Interview With Author Aline Templeton Here is a mystery series interview with author Aline Templeton on her latest procedural mystery novel, The Darkness and the Deep. Can you tell us about The Darkness and the Deep? This book it very close to my heart.  I grew up in a fishing-village just like Knockhaven, where thanks to over-fishing under the EU rules, the fishing has gone.  It has a terrible effect on the community; the fishing families go back generations and they are famously wild – you can’t survive a Force 10 in the North Sea if you’re a wimp – […] Read more »

Interview with Mystery Author Patrick Brigham

Patrick Brigham

Today I’d like to introduce you to Patrick Brigham, former Editor in Chief of Sofia Western News, journalist and author of two popular mystery novels: Herodotus – The Gnome Of Sofia and Judas Goat – The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery. MysterySequels: Hello Patrick. Welcome to Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into writing – how did you discover your inner muse? Patrick: The muse has been with me for years, although The Jinni was only recently let out of the bottle this year when I finally published my two murder mysteries. MysterySequels: You have recently written two mystery novels, […] Read more »