Jill Brock Books In Order

Jill Brock (website) seems to have been a creative artist right from the start. Born in Queens, New York, she loves to paint, does graphic design and art, dabs in making jewelry (just like me!) and has studied psychology as well, having majored in Fine Arts and Psychology from York College.

She began writing poetry and short stories in high school, having the gift and love for writing from early on.

Her first book, Pennywise draws loosely from the author’s experience and knowledge of running a restaurant. She is a really creative person, which can be seen in her fun Maggie and Odessa Mystery series, a fun mix of chick lit and cozy mystery.

Her new series, The Thursday Night Killer’s Club started in 2016 with a first new book.

Maggie and Odessa Mystery Series In Order

1. Pennywise, 2007

2. Drop Dead Delicious, 2008

3. Semisweet, 2010

4. Chasing Cherry, 2013

The Thursday Night Killer’s Book Club

1. The Thursday Night Killer’s Book Club, 2016

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