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Book Review: Reset by Brian Andrews

Last Updated on May 16, 2018

Reset by Brian AndrewsI picked up Reset by Brian Andrews as I’ve read several of his books in the past (including The Calypso Directive and Ring of Flowers), so I knew I would be in great company for the next couple of hours.

The story begins with a mystery right from the first few pages. We meet some guy in a straight jacket in an asylum who has an interesting story to tell.

Next, we meet Sergeant Michael Pitcher who is on tour in Afghanistan. While there, deep in the Tora Bora Mountains in a cave, he discovers some strange object for which he has no explanation.

All we know is that he and his team members who also entered that case are brought back to the US completely changed. So changed that they are kept in isolation for a while until medics try to figure out what is wrong with them.

Eventually, the whole team is cleared to go home, which they do. However, soon, the army wives (including Josie, Michael’s spouse) are hushed talking about noticing how changed their husbands are ever since they came back from the Middle East.

While Michael was away, Jodie herself had a strange encounter with a hardcore prepper who is paranoid beyond belief. She can’t wait for Michael to go home so she can tell him all about the crazy guy.

Soon, we learn about other victims of that strange object, and a whole investigation is underway to figure out what type of danger can it pose to the humanity at large. And what they find is not good.

The book is quite the roller-coaster. There is mystery, adrenaline-packed action, and enough strange technology to make this book a powerful military techno-thriller in its own right. There is even talk about the end of the world, but not in the way you are used to.

As you go on reading, you start to wonder what reset exactly means, who or what will get to be reset, and is that weird technology alien in nature? And if that so, are our days really numbered?

I loved the book from start to finish. That alien-looking object was at the forefront of everything that was happening. At times I was wondering there is a chance for humanity to actually survive what was going on.

And of course, the big reveal at the end blew all my theories to dust. I didn’t see that coming from a mile away!

Reset is a strong sci-fi techno-thiller involving government agencies, the US military and horrible secrets. It is a book that makes you also think at all the possibilities the story implies. Because whatever you are thinking while reading the book, I can guarantee that it’s not that!

I love mind-bending novels (and movies) and this one fits the bill quite nicely. I do sense influences from Michael Crichton in the book, but the story is totally unique.

The main characters are well fleshed-out. My favorite was probably Josie and the “crazy prep guy.”

With Reset, Brian Andrews didn’t disappoint at all. Ever since The Calypso Directive he’s been one of my favorite thriller authors, and this book proved that he continues to be one.

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