Book Review: Collusion by Newt Gingrich (Collusion #1)

Collusion Newt GingrichEver since I’ve first heard of the book Collusion by Newt Gingrich, I wanted to pick it up. After all, regardless on which side of the fence you are, collusion is one of the biggest topics in the US and around the world (when it comes to US politics) right now.

When Brett Garrett flew to a Latin American country to extract a valuable person from kidnappers, little did he know that his act of humanity would cost him big time. It would destroy his career, life, and put him on a path of self-destruction. Now, Brett is a simple gun for hire who gets his first action time in Ukraine.

And because despite everything he’s been through he dealt with the situation with flying colors, he is now tasked to smuggle out a high-ranking Russian official and his grandson who want to defect. But, of course, as usual with Brett, problems hit him across the chest from the very first moment he steps in the country.

The book is, predictably, action-packed, as all similar thrillers are, and the story flows smoothly enough that I could read the book without wanting to stop. The two main characters that kept the plot together are Brett Garrett and Valerie Mayberry who are both working the situation from different ends.

Obviously, Brett is the main hero in the story. A shunned guy who is trying to redeem himself despite all the obstacles put in his way.

The one element that stood out for me (and no, it was not the Russian collusion part) was the interesting developing relationship between Brett and the Russian high-ranking officer who was hot on his trail. There was that mutual respect that I so often crave in books, even when it comes to enemy parties. Humanity always seems to shine through somehow, and the book gave a glimpse of that element, which I thoroughly appreciated.

Of course, we all know who the Russian president was all about, even when his name was very different. I also appreciated that at the end of the book the author included a (sadly) long list of people who have been killed all over the world on the orders of said Russian president. I knew of some of them but not all.

There is really not much else to say about this book. It is a typical political thriller that touches on corrupt politicians, on their dishonest orders that benefit only them even if it means hurting other Americans or foreigners. And it depicts one main hero who goes from being a leper in everyone’s eyes to eventually recognized for his bravery. And yes, as all action-thrillers follow this same path, there is no major spoiler I wrote her in this review.

I could name many other authors who have worked this trope with success, just like Newt Gingrich did, so I’m glad I’ve read the book because it is in a genre I love reading for some heart-pounding time away from my regular day. If you enjoy reading books written by Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Ben Coes, Brad Taylor, and Marc Cameron, you will have a blast reading Collusion. I’m looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

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