by Blake Crouch

published 2010

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Catastrophe hits when Will and Devlin Innis lose their wife and mother one stormy night on a lonely desert highway. Will under suspicion, they flee. Suddenly a hard-edged FBI agent appears on their doorstep. “I know you’re innocent, because Rachael wasn’t the first .. or the last.”

It happened in the blink of an eye, one minute they were a happy family, the next Rachael is missing and Will is the chief suspect. What will their young, fragile daughter do on her own without either of them to watch over her? 

Five years ago has Rachael Innis disappeared over the southwestern United States Rachael Innis. Now her husband Will is on the way to Alaska with daughter Devlin. For since one evening, the FBI agent Kalyn stood in front of his door, he knows: Rachael is not the only disappeared woman. And the tracks lead up into the icy wilderness. What he does not know: He goes on a journey into the heart of a nightmare …