Big Easy Evil by Heather Graham (Cafferty and Quinn #3.7)

Big Easy Evil Heather GrahamBig Easy Evil is the latest offering by the popular romantic suspense author Heather Graham.

I have so far read everything the author wrote, except some of the novellas and short stories, so I figured what better way to increase my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge count than by reading a few quick stories before the end of the year, including this fun Halloween paranormal tale.

The book is part of the Cafferty and Quinn paranormal series. For anyone who hasn’t read this series yet, the books are set in New Orleans and they feature Danni Cafferty and Michael Quinn. Danni is the owner of the antique shop called The Cheshire Cat, and Michael is a former cop and turned a private investigator who first meet in the first book of the series, Let the Dead Sleep.

In Big Easy Evil, Danni and Michael are called to the house of a couple who had a weird story to tell. As Halloween approaches, Sean DeMille has set up his yard to be a real Halloween exhibition for kids.

All sorts of props are there including vampires, mannequins and everything else that would go bump in the night if those were real. When he is called to work to fix something that doesn’t seem to work, his wife is left alone at home. Soon after all the guest leave, she finds a body right in her backyard with an axe in his head.

As the wife seemed to have heard some voices calling her name just before she discovered the bodies, she realizes that something weird in connection with the murder is going on. And as Danni and Michael are focusing their investigations on the unexplained, this case will suit them perfectly.

While the book was short (a bit over 100-pages long), the story was fully fleshed out. The characters were fun to meet again and the suspense was there from the first page, right until it mounted into an explosive and nail-biting ending.

While the Krewe of Hunters series is my favorite, Cafferty and Quinn is fun to read as well.

My one gripe with the book was the fact that it was not properly edited. I found so many typos in the short story that I had to raise my eyebrows in concern. This is not a book worthy of a bestselling author like Heather Graham. But then again, it was a self-published book on Createspace, and I keep saying that self-published books more often than not lack the proper care that traditionally published books have.

Overall, it was a fun addition to the series and also a fun Halloween mystery book, but it was definitely not Heather Graham’s best.

Big Easy Evil by Heather Graham
Series: Cafferty and Quinn #3.7
Published by CreateSpace
Published 2017
Genres: Paranormal Mystery
Source: Purchased
Also by this author: Haunted DestinyWicked Deeds

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