Stripped Bare

Stripped Bare

by Shannon Baker

Book 1 in the Kate Fox series
published 2016

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In this riveting novel from award-winning author Shannon Baker, a Nebraska county sheriff’s wife investigates a murder—and her husband is the prime suspect.

When Kate Fox receives a late-night phone call, her seemingly perfect life on the Nebraska prairie shatters in an instant.

Eldon, shirt-tail relative and owner of one of the largest cattle ranches in Grand County, has been killed.

Kate’s husband, Ted, the Grand County Sheriff, has been shot and may never walk again.

And worst of all, Ted is the prime suspect in Eldon’s murder.

Desperate to clear Ted’s name, Kate throws herself headlong into the hunt for the real killer.

When Kate finds herself the victim of several mysterious “accidents” she knows she’s running out of time. If she doesn’t find out who killed Eldon soon, she—or someone else in town—may be the next to turn up dead.

But a shocking confession throws everything into doubt, and as Kate keeps digging she unearths unfathomable secrets—the kind worth killing for.

Through Kate Fox, Baker evokes the beauty of the Nebraska Sandhills and a depth of charm that won her the Rocky Mountain Fiction “Writer of the Year” award multiple times.

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