Skies of Fire

Skies of Fire

by Shannon Baker

Book 2 in the Nora Abbott series
published 2014

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Nora Abbott is looking for a peaceful reset to her crazy life. But in the mountains of Colorado, murder and conspiracy await.

Nora’s new job in Colorado working for a brilliant scientist at an environmental research firm seems too good to be true.

Come to find out, it is.

The longer Nora works, the more convinced she becomes that something is off about the place. And she begins to find alarming clues. Suspicious accounting irregularities. A former director disappearing without a trace.

Compelled to unravel the mystery and plunging headlong into mounting danger, Nora risks all to find answers, uncovering a trail of corruption and a dangerous plot to wreak unthinkable destruction.

But some questions aren’t meant to be asked…

Murder mystery, redemption, Native American culture, and intrigue combine for an exciting and satisfying novel.

Skies of Fire is the second of the Nora Abbott mysteries.

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