Dark Signal

Dark Signal

by Shannon Baker

Book 2 in the Kate Fox series
published 2017

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Things aren’t always as bad as they seem.
Sometimes, they’re a lot worse.

Kate Fox has just defeated her ex-husband in the race for Grand County Sheriff, but there’s no time for celebration. Instead, she’s called to the railroad tracks just outside of town.

The train engineer is dead. His conductor is in shock. And Kate’s gut is telling her this is much more than just a horrific accident.

The victim’s widow is behaving oddly. The neighbor’s story doesn’t add up. The victim had recently made several enemies—and they all have motive for murder.

As Kate works to solve the case, she knows she has to trust her instincts—even if that means disagreeing with State Patrol Officer Trey Ridnour.

With the stakes high and the whole town watching, Kate uncovers a plot darker than she ever imagined. The clock is ticking, and Kate knows it’s up to her to bring the killer to justice… before tragedy strikes again.

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