Close Enough

Close Enough

by Shannon Baker

Book 1.5 in the Kate Fox series
published 2017

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When a little boy goes missing in the Nebraska prairie on the brink of a dangerous snowstorm, Kate Fox must sort truth from lies in order to save a life.

The race for Grand County Sheriff is hotly contested this year, and Kate Fox is throwing everything she’s got into her very first campaign. It’s difficult to tell whether the energetic interference of her large and boisterous family is helping or hindering her chances. And to complicate matters further, her opponent is also her ex.

All campaigning comes to a screeching halt when a child is reported missing. With a whopper of a winter storm bearing down on the Nebraska Sandhills, the rival candidate rushes to organize hunters and townspeople into search parties.

But the facts just don’t add up for Kate and she declines to join the searchers, setting out to find the boy on her own. Can she trust her instincts and abilities? Or is Kate just letting her pride get the best of her? Her chances at becoming the new Sheriff, and a little boy’s life, depend on the answer.

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