Natural Causes

Natural Causes

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by Joseph Badal

Book 3 in the Lassiter and Martinez series

published 2019

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Homicide detective partners Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez return in this third edition of the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files series. Called in to investigate a mysterious death in a retirement center, Lassiter and Martinez find themselves entangled in a case that might very well involve multiple murders committed by a psychopathic killer. The deeper they get into their investigation, the more complex and dangerous the case becomes, threatening the lives of the detectives and their loved ones.

Political and bureaucratic machinations within the detectives’ department and the involvement of organized crime only make their jobs more difficult. Award-Winning, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author Joseph Badal offers up another suspenseful, unputdownable tale, with twists and turns that will put and keep the reader on a roller coaster ride of drama, action, and emotion from the first to the last page.

The only negative to this book is that the ending is a cliffhanger for the next book in the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files series.

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