Are You Reading More Than One Book At A Time?

Are you reading more than one book at a time? This is the question a friend asked me on Facebook just recently, and I thought it’s quite a good topic for a blog post.

reading cat

I have a feeling that real bookworms who have a true passion for reading will read more than one book at a time. Now I don’t mean literally reading more books at the same time, but having started several books and reading a bit of each depending on the mood. It’s like we try to read as many books as possible in as short time as possible, even if we have to juggle between several around the house.

Whenever a new book comes out, we want to read it. We buy it, we trade for it, we request it for a review – or we’re offered for a review, we get an ARC – no matter what, we want it and we start reading it ASAP. And then the next book comes along, and then we find an oldie that we want to read and we start that one too…does it sound familiar? 🙂

I think I’ve been like this all my life. I was always keeping 2-3 books around the house open (or with a bookmark) at various chapters, and this habit never left me after all these years.

For example right now I’m reading 3 books: two fiction novels and one non-fiction. One of the books I’ve been reading these days is Reunion in Death by J.D. Robb, an older book in the Eve Dallas mystery series. I’ve read almost all of the J.D. Robb books, but there are some that I still need to catch up on. This is the actual paperback edition which I’m mostly reading in the bathtub (one of my favorite places to read) and sometimes at night in bed.

Then I’m also reading, on my iPad this time, the second book in the Dickens Junction Mystery series called The Edwin Drood Murders by Christopher Lord. I’ve just read and reviewed yesterday The Christmas Carol Murders, the first book in the series, and last night I picked up the second one, while it’s all fresh in my mind. It is an adorable cozy mystery series involving a gay bookshop owner who is trying to save his community Dickens Junction from bad things happening there, like murder.

And finally I’m reading a non-fiction book also on my iPad, called Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone by Dr. Abraham Hoffer, MD, a book that introduces the notion of using vitamins, minerals and nutrients for healing, rather than always relying on the mainstream medical treatments that rely purely on pills after pills, antibiotics, and whatnot. I am interested in natural healing, natural remedies and healthy nutrition and I might be a weird one out there with this hobby, but I really enjoy reading books on the topic.

So right now I’m reading two mysteries (a cozy and a futuristic mystery) and a non-fiction book.

Are you reading more than one book at a time and what are you reading right now, whether it’s one or more?

Btw the cat on the shelf is not mine, but I loved this photo so much that I just had to include it (with permission from author)


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  1. I am a one book at a time kind of gal. But my niece had a different book in every room (including bathrooms). LOL She even roller skated in the driveway while reading a book. I would not recommend this as her face was pretty scabbed up for quite a while… 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  2. I used to have a book shelf but then I got a kindle so now all my books are stored on my virtual bookshelf. Madison on the other hand has one that is overflowing. I can also relate to reading more than one book at a time. Its something that I’ve done for years and I’m always looking for good books to read. 🙂

  3. I totally identify with this! When I was still a teacher, I ended up reading so many books at one time because I had to read so much professionally, but I also enjoyed doing it in my personal life. It wasn’t rare for me to be reading nonfiction about Common Core, an adolescent lit book, a teaching methodology book, and a “pleasure read” all at one time. I actually prefer reading one book at a time because I like to fully immerse myself in the author’s style, but sometimes life makes that impossible. 😉

    Right now I’m reading comedian Mindy Kaling’s memoir, which is definitely a light and quick read but is absolutely hilarious.

  4. I was going to ask if the cat was yours. 🙂 I read more than one book at a time. I usually have a romance, a mystery and some sort of humor book going all at the same time.

  5. I typically only read one book at a time. It’s usually because I typically read a book only if it like sucks me in. I become totally engrossed with a book and can’t pick up anything else until I finish it. I find if I’m reading a book and I’m like 3-5 chapters in and am already looking for another read, it’s not the book to read at the time. So I move on to a different book and go back to it when I feel like I’d be more interested in it.

  6. Oh, I’m a multi-reader for sure. Drives my husband crazy! Right now I’m reading Bringing in Finn, a memoir by Sara Cornell; Blush, another memoir, by Shirley Showalter; and Gracianna, historical fiction, by Trini Amador.

  7. I am totally the opposite, I become obsessed with whatever book I am reading. I make a rule that I only read at the gym, on the bike or tredmill, which makes me want to work out for hours… I become totally involved in the book and want to go back every day to read more. If it is part of a trilogy or series, I have to read them in order and read them back to back, too… ha!!! Thanks for your post

  8. Yes, I am exactly like you! I never have less than 3 books going at the same time. I find that quite easy to maintain for some reason. To me it’s no different than juggling housework jobs or various projects at work.

  9. I am currently only reading one book. I usually read them one at a time so I do not get confused about what is going on. My most current read is called, Liberty Call Port of Spain. It is a comedy and I am enjoying it so far.

  10. I am reading more than one book at a time and I don’t like doing it. The problem is, I sometimes forget my book at home and have a smalll stash in my car that I can read while we are traveling or when I am waiting in the car for my Hubs to get out of the Drs.
    It is really hard keeping 2 books straight. Usually the stories run together for me.

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