The Barbary Mark

The Barbary Mark

by Anne Cleeland

(published 2017)

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After a shipwreck, Nonie Rafferty washes up on the shore of Algiers, where the slave traders look to sell the pretty Irishwoman—or worse.

She must come up with a tale to save herself—and fast—before anyone discovers the true reason she sailed to this misbegotten corner of the world, or the true reason she was wearing a priceless strand of pearls, when she was rescued.

Fortunately, the Dey’s mysterious necromancer appears willing to come to her aid, and what follows is a cat-and-mouse game of deception, attraction, and above all, redemption.

With this book, Anne Cleeland goes into a lesser part of history and shows the roots to the beginning of the end of the trans-Atlantic slavery trade, and hints at the first showing of American might overseas.