Six Graves

Six Graves

by Angela Marsons

Book 16 in the DI Kim Stone series
published 2022

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In a room full of posters and strewn with clothes, a young girl lies motionless on her bed, a delicate chain adorning her neck. The telltale red stain on her white vest top tells a grim tale. How could her own mother have turned a loving gaze into a deadly one?

Detective Kim Stone arrives at the scene of a devastating house fire, only to find that it has claimed the lives of two teenagers and their parents. However, the situation is not as straightforward as it appears. Each victim bears the mark of a gunshot wound, and the mother, Helen Daynes, holds the fatal weapon.

For Kim, this case stirs up painful memories of her own abusive upbringing at the hands of her mother. Yet, rather than deter her, it fuels her determination to uncover the truth. Delving into Helen’s past, Kim discovers a history of clinical depression. But did this lead Helen to commit such a heinous act?

As Kim searches Helen’s bedroom, she stumbles upon a minuscule yet crucial clue that throws the entire investigation into disarray. Could someone else be responsible for the Daynes family tragedy?

Just when Kim believes she’s gaining ground, a menacing figure from her past makes a deadly threat against her. Suppressing her fear, she continues her pursuit. When Kim uncovers a shocking secret that shatters her understanding of Helen, she realizes that the remaining family members are in grave peril.

Under unprecedented pressure, with a dangerous predator closing in on her, Kim must race against time to solve the mystery. With four bodies already laid to rest, who will be the next victim? Can Kim unearth the killer and safeguard herself before it’s too late?

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