If Only

If Only

by Angela Marsons

published 2021

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Today was like any other day: mundane tasks, fixing the coffee machine, and dealing with the printer. But just as I was about to finish work and head out for a girls’ night with my best friends, I received some big news: Michael Hunter is going to be my new boss.

Michael is handsome, intelligent, and funny (though maybe a bit too self-assured) – basically, everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.

If only he would notice the real me and see that we’re perfect for each other.

If only I could follow the advice from my self-help book: be more assertive and ask him out.

If only I had long legs, shiny hair, and a pair of tights without any runs.

If only I would listen to my friends and colleague Dan when they warn me that Michael is trouble…

This book is truly captivating, filled with relatable moments and plenty of emotional twists and turns that will keep you engrossed until the very end. It’s the perfect romantic comedy for fans of Shari Low, Sophie Kinsella, and Jill Mansell.

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