Hidden Scars

Hidden Scars

by Angela Marsons

Book 17 in the DI Kim Stone series
published 2023

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The boy’s glossy dark hair gleamed under the bright lights, his lips poised to speak, yet his body lay cold, and his blue eyes would never open again.

When nineteen-year-old Jamie Mills is discovered hanging from a tree in a local park, it is ruled as suicide. However, Detective Kim Stone’s instincts suggest that something isn’t adding up. Why didn’t Jamie’s mother break down in tears upon being informed? And how could Jamie have climbed the tree with a recent injury?

Despite needing a gradual return to work after a challenging case left her physically and mentally drained, Kim takes charge of her team. She is taken aback to learn that Jamie’s parents had sent him to a clinic to “cure” his sexuality.

The key to unraveling this unsettling case lies within the old Victorian walls of the clinic, operated by the Gardner family. The Gardners claim that patients come willingly and can leave at any time. But why are former patients so fearful to discuss their experiences there? And where did the faded restraint marks on Jamie’s wrists originate?

Kim makes a chilling discovery – the head of the clinic, Celia Gardner, underwent conversion therapy there at the age of sixteen.

Subsequently, the body of a young woman is found suffocated, her death is also made to look like suicide.

Scarred from a prior case that nearly cost her life, can Kim unearth the dark secrets within the Gardner family and find the strength to stop a terrifying killer intent on silencing the clinic’s former patients?

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