The Forgotten Woman

The Forgotten Woman

by Angela Marsons

published 2013

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Two ordinary women. Two damaged lives. One friendship that would save them both.

Kit Mason is a brittle ex-prostitute trying to outrun a past of abuse and cruelty. She has lived a life of unimaginable pain. An ex-prostitute, she has fled the clutches of an abusive pimp and now finds herself living hand to mouth in a new city, without anyone to help her.

Frances Thornton seems to be living the perfect life. A lawyer from a privileged background, her perfect facade hides the painful secrets that still haunt her.

Brought together by their attempts to conquer their addictions in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the two women strike up an unlikely friendship.

The Forgotten Woman follows the unlikely friendship between two very different women fighting their addiction to alcohol.

Also published uder the title My Name Is.