Deadly Fate

Deadly Fate

by Angela Marsons

Book 18 in the DI Kim Stone series
published 2023

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The discovery of the woman’s body in the overgrown graveyard sends shockwaves through the community, as Detective Kim Stone rushes to the scene to investigate. The victim’s body bears multiple stab wounds, leading Kim to believe that the murder was deeply personal. As she delves into the case, Kim uncovers that the last people to see the victim had been dishonest about their reasons for seeking her help, adding a layer of complexity to the investigation.

Determined to unravel the truth, Kim realizes that she must dig deep to solve the case, ultimately discovering that the victim’s unique gifts and talents are at the heart of everything. Racing against time, she seeks to understand what triggered these brutal attacks and stop a twisted killer before they can strike again.

Meanwhile, tensions rise as Kim and her team face mounting pressure from the community and media to solve the case quickly. As they delve deeper into Sandra’s life, they uncover a web of secrets and betrayal, raising suspicions about everyone involved. With each new revelation, the case becomes more intricate and perplexing, pushing Kim to her limits as she navigates through a labyrinth of deceit and danger.

As the investigation unfolds, Kim learns that Sandra’s ban from the church grounds and the death threats she received may hold vital clues to understanding the motive behind the attacks. With the clock ticking, Kim races to connect the dots and apprehend the perpetrator before more lives are lost.

In a heart-pounding race against time, Kim must use every resource at her disposal to outmaneuver a cunning killer and prevent further tragedy.

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