Dead Simple

Dead Simple

by Angela Marsons

short story anthology in the Quick Reads series
published 2017

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A woman reports a crime to the police, with unexpected results
The grieving widow who finds that she’s about to lose more than just her husband
When a man attempts the perfect murder, it’s not quite as easy as he thinks
Two men in prison play a deadly game of Scrabble
A young woman tries to trick an old man and gets more than she bargained for
Sometimes crimes are solved in ways you can’t explain
A murderer about to be hanged finds that’s not the worst thing that can happen
You never know who’s going to turn up at your door

Original stories from Mark Billingham, Clare Mackintosh, James Oswald, Jane Casey, Angela Marsons, Harry Bingham, Antonia Hodgson and CL Taylor – specially written for Quick Reads. The anthology features a variety of thrilling and suspenseful tales that are sure to captivate readers with their intriguing plots and well-crafted characters. With contributions from two talented authors, this anthology promises to deliver a diverse range of narratives that will appeal to fans of mystery and crime fiction.

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