Bad Blood

Bad Blood

by Angela Marsons

Book 19 in the DI Kim Stone series
published 2023

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When Detective Kim Stone arrives at the crime scene, she finds the victim being attended to by paramedics, fighting for his life. The man’s body, positioned unnaturally with his arms raised and legs apart, raises suspicions of foul play. As the man passes away en route to the hospital, Kim is determined to uncover the truth behind his death, despite the lack of evidence at the scene.

Delving into the victim’s past reveals a troubled history, including a violent incident during his teenage years. Suspicions arise that he may have been inflicting harm on his fiancé. The discovery of another man on the brink of death, with his body contorted to convey a message, indicates a vengeful killer targeting individuals associated with a dark past.

As Kim and her team investigate further, they realize the victims’ bodies are spelling out their past sins, leading them to question whether the killer is seeking retribution or deems these men to still be a threat. The impending threat of another strike propels Kim to track down the remaining individuals from the group of six with a troubled history.

Amidst the investigation, a revelation about one of her team members sheds light on the complexities of justice and retribution. As Kim grapples with the moral implications, she is faced with the chilling possibility that the victims may deserve their fate or that the relentless killer poses an even greater danger.

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