A Breath of Hot Air

A Breath of Hot Air

A Breath of Hot Air

by Alex Kava
Book #7.1 in the Maggie O’Dell series (2010)

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MURDER IN PARADISE: Pensacola Beach – sugar-white sands, emerald waves, sizzling hot temps served up with delicious fresh seafood – the perfect vacation spot.

Except FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell isn’t on vacation. Her boss has sent her into the path of Hurricane Isaac to investigate a discarded fishing cooler that the Coast Guard pulled out of the Gulf of Mexico; a cooler filled with carefully wrapped body parts .

This short story, A BREATH OF HOT AIR, takes place in the middle of that investigation. Maggie O’Dell is awakened in her hotel room on Pensacola Beach by a frantic desk clerk.

Housekeeping has made a gruesome discovery – a dead guest. Maggie teams up with Denver homicide detective, Glen Karst to determine if a murderer is on the loose. But Karst isn’t in Pensacola on vacation either. He’s on the track of a killer who escaped Colorado years ago. And it appears Karst may have found him.