by Alex Abella

standalone novella
published 2009

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SHANGHAI – A young, rich American hooked on expensive drugs and cheap sex in Cuba…
A battle-scarred detective charged with bringing the kid back home…
Havana, 1959—A city convulsed by violence in the throes of the takeover by Fidel Castro…

SHANGHAI – Not just a Chinese city—but the symbol of everything that is sinful, sexual, suspenseful…

In this action packed thriller eBook, Jason Blue, a San Francisco based detective–Korean War vet, ex-cop–is charged with bringing the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune back home to California. Blue arrives in Havana in the waning days of the Batista dictatorship, and by the time he finds the heir, Castro´s revolutionaries have taken over. The kid is in a drug induced haze, being held for ransom in a burlesque theater in the city´s Chinatown. Since the young man won’t leave without his black stripper mistress, Blue has to spring both the kid and the girl while dodging hired killers, drug dealers, and trigger happy revolutionaries.

The country has shut down—no one is allowed in or out. Blue hitches a ride for the three of them on a stolen boat to escape the maelstrom of the fallen city. Still, the way is neither fast nor certain, for everybody’s life is on the line when getting out of

SHANGHAI – A detective thriller now out on Kindle in the tradition of James Elroy, James M. Cain and Dashiell Hammett´s detective stories. A heart-pounding tale of blood, sex and revolution.

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