More Than A Woman

More Than A Woman

by Alex Abella

published 1997

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Meet Miranda Ferri, the hero of this suspenseful romance set in California’s wine country. She once had it all… and then lost it all… only to regain it all in the arms of a billionaire. This contemporary love triangle poses the eternal question: Can we ever really recapture the past?

Once the pampered heiress to a wine fortune, Miranda has become an events caterer. She serves food and smiles to the people she used to look down, the newly rich of her hometown, Santa Margarita. Still, Miranda is trying to make the best of it. A single mom for a long time, she has just remarried (more for companionship than for love) and is trying to forget her privileged youth. She’s a hard worker, determined to look on the right side of things – always look forward, don’t look back.

Then Roger Robertson arrives in Santa Margarita, a mysterious billionaire determined to shake up the town. He purchases Miranda’s family estate, long gone to ruin, and moves to restore it to its former glory. He snaps up new wineries and closes them, burns whole hillsides of grapevines, and promises to return Santa Margarita to the way it was twenty years before.

When Miranda finally meets him, she realizes his real name is Fernando Ramirez, the son of a farm worker on her family estate. Fernando was her first lover who had mysteriously disappeared overnight twenty years before. Roger, as he now wants to be called, is dead set on recreating the past he and Miranda shared. He pursues her relentlessly until she realizes she never really stopped loving him. She breaks up her marriage and moves in with him. The two then embark on a golden existence, as if to prove that you can go home again, that you can relive your glory days.

But as the old song goes, every fortune has its price, and soon dark, malignant forces show up to collect, putting everything Roger has accomplished in peril – and threatening the very life of Miranda and her daughter.

Will Miranda and Roger survive the onslaught that threatens everything they’re regained?

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