Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Last Fair Deal Gone Down

by Ace Atkins Book #4.5 in the Nick Travers series (2012)

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It s Christmas in New Orleans. For many, it s the best season of the year. But instead of spending time with the people he cares about, Nick Travers is searching for the killer of his friend, Fats, one of the best saxophone players you could find in the Crescent City.

At first it appears that Fats took his own life, but Nick quickly discovers that the saxophone is missing from Fats apartment and he hits the streets to track it down.

He soon learns that there is more to the story than a simple suicide, and the woman who Fats had been paying to keep him company may hold the answers.

Last Fair Deal Gone Down will be the first in a series of Nick Travers graphic novel adaptations from 12-Gauge Comics introducing the character and his stories to a brand new audience.