So Vile a Sin

So Vile a Sin

by Ben Aaronovitch

Book #56 in the Virgin New Adventures series, published 1997

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The longest-running science fiction TV series, Dr. Who has delighted fans on both sides of the Atlantic since 1963. Now, the New Adventures series, original, full-length novels which continue the Doctor’s travels in time, presents So Vile a Sin, which culminates in the final confrontation between Dr. Who and the psi-powered Brotherhood, and marks the departure of the Doctor’s companion, Roz Forrester.

One of the main functions of the New Adventures within the Doctor Who series as a project was to make sure that history hadn’t ended. In 1996, this building to a climax in So Vile A Sin, a novel that tried to weave together various long-running threads about Ancient Gallifrey, the Gods of Gallifrey, psi powers, and future history.

So Vile a Sin is an epic story which takes place across two star systems and over the course of a year. Still, it was clearly always intended to be a different epic story than the one an arc-hungry reader expected.