Rivers of London

Rivers of London

Rivers of London

also titled Midnight Riot
by Ben Aaronovitch

First book in the Peter Grant series (2011)

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Peter Grant is a low-level Probationary Constable with big dreams. He deeply wants to work in London’s Metropolitan Police as a detective, but instead, he gets assigned to the Case Progression Unit, which is probably the safest unit ever since the only thing Peter ever gets to do is paperwork.

When, after a murder, Peter took a witness account, he got noticed. Why? Because the witness was a dead guy. And Peter can talk to dead guys, which means he got the attention of Inspector Nightingale, who happens to be the last wizard in England.

Now, Peter got reassigned again. This time, he is a Detective Constable and also a trainee wizard, where he gets to meet all sorts of ungodly creatures like vampires, gods and goddesses, and other types of benevolent or malevolent spirits.

And, as it seems, it’s up to Peter to stop the evil in the underground or die trying.