Broken Homes

Broken Homes

Broken Homes

by Ben Aaronovitch

Fourth book in the Peter Grant series (2012)

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When a mutilated body is found in Crawley, Peter Grant knows that there is another killer on the loose. Robert Weil is the main suspect but is he just an average criminal or the partner of one Faceless Man, a powerful and twisted magician who has it in for Peter big time?

Robert Weil is involved in a deadly car crash. His name rings some bells with Peter, and when he starts to investigate, he is lead to a woman who was shot and who eerily is missing half of a face. The woman was found in Crawley.

But then Peter is called to other weird places as well. Apparently, Richard Lewis killed himself at an underground station. Patrick Mulkern, a notorious thief and burglar, is found dead with his body completely burned from the inside out. And Richard Dewsbury died of a heart attack apparently out of nowhere.

So what do these mysteries have in common and why the Faceless Man seems more and more the constant connection between these deaths?