15 Upcoming 2014 New Titles In Popular Mystery Series

While I enjoy reading standalone novels, mystery series are still my favorite types of books, because the characters, settings and plots have a continuity to them that a stand alone novel can’t offer. Just the other day I was curious to see what new books authors that I love are releasing in 2014 in some of their popular series, so I got my pen and paper and got jotting down new books to read this year.

As I went along checking for authors and books, I have compiled this list of books I’m looking forward to reading. I came up to over 25 books, but I figured if I manage to read 15 of these this year, I’ll be a happy camper. With names like Lee Child, John Sandford, Jeffrey Deaver, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child and Allison Brennan, I’ll be in the best company the next couple of months.

So here are the 15 upcoming 2014 titles in the various popular mystery series that I’m looking forward to read – these are all books to be released in the future (and not looking back to January or February). The list is organized in order of publication.

Unlucky 13 by James PattersonJames PattersonUnlucky 13 – The Women’s Murder Club #13 – published March 13

Ok I know I said I would only list books to be published in the future, but I couldn’t leave James Patterson out from this list. He is one of my favorite crime and mystery authors, and his Women’s Murder Club is a series that I love reading, ever since I started with the first book 1st to Die. It left a strong impression on me, and the series became one that I always check for new books – thankfully the author doesn’t leave us waiting all too long for a next installment.

While Alex Cross is still my favorite series, The Women’s Murder Club comes as a very close second.

Aunt Dimity and the Wishing WellNancy Atherton – Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well – Aunt Dimity #19 – published April 17

I love all Nancy Atherton’s book, they’re a great change from twisted serial killer novels that I so much enjoy reading most of the time. The Aunt Dimity series is a fun paranormal cozy that I enjoy reading ever since I got my hands on the first one, Aunt Dimity’s Death. Btw if you want to read the books, it’s worth reading them in order starting especially with the first book, as here will be explained just who Aunt Dimity is and why is she still important even though she died.

A fun series that I always love reading, especially since the books are light on the pages. Each can be easily read in an afteroon.

Wolf by Mo HayderMo Hayder – Wolf – Jack Caffery series #7 – published April 24

Wolf is the 7th book in the popular series by Mo Hayder, a popular mystery writer from the UK. The first book I’ve read by her was Birdman, and when I realized that it’s the second book in a series, I went back and bought the first one as well, Birdman.

Her books are detective crime novels, but not on the light side. They are thrillers that capture the attention with their chilling, creepy plots and characterizations. Jack is a character in itself and if you do start with this series, you should read them in order, otherwise you won’t get the impact of all that he’s been through in the first 6 books. I can’t wait to get Wolf and read it!

Natchez Burning by Greg IlesGreg Iles – Natchez Burning – Penn Cage Mystery #24 – published April 29

Natchez Burning is the 4th book in the Penn Cage thriller series. I first started to read Greg Iles when I came across Third Degree, a standalone novel by the author. It was a truly suspenseful novel and I wanted to see what else he has written. This is when I came across the first book in the Penn Cage series, The Quiet Game, which was published way back in 1999. After 6 years of waiting, the second book was published in 2005, with the title Turning Angel.

It took another 4 years for the next book in the series to be released, in 2009, with the title The Devil’s Punchbowl, and another 5 for the latest novel, Natchez Burning to be published. Greg Iles is definitely an author that makes his fans wait for his books – but when the books are finally released – what a rewarding feeling to finally read them!

Field of Prey by John SandfordJames Sandford – Field of Prey – Lucas Davenport #24 – published May 6

Here is another thriller series worth checking out if you haven’t already done so. With 23 books already in the series, there is plenty of time to catch up to before the new book comes out.

This entire series goes back to 1989 with Rules of Prey. Lucas Davenport is a police detective in Minneapolis and the cases he solves literally bring a chill to the spine. All twisted serial killer who prey on their victims and torture them in horrible ways before murdering them. The villains are terrific and really scary and if you love reading a good thriller, the books in this series will keep you up reading all night just to finish the book. A seriously good series!

The Skin Collector by Jeffrey DeaverJeffrey Deaver – The Skin Collector – Lincoln Rhyme #11 – published May 13

I actually started to read the series after watching The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. When I’ve learned that it’s based on a book, I checked it out and got hooked on it – and stayed hooked on the series until now. Just like with James Sandford, the Lincoln Rhyme novels deal with seriously sick and twisted serial killers who love to torment their prey, as well and offer a great game to the police.

In this latest installment, the serial killer is truly devious and disturbing, more so than many others before him. He is a tattoist who has a torture chamber where he likes to play with his victims – the guys who are coming to get a tattoo…as little do they know that the ink used on their skin is pure poison… I can’t wait to get this book to read!

Dead Heat by Allison BrennanAllison Brennan – Dead Heat – Lucy Kincaid #8 – published June 3

Allison Brennan is well known for her romantic mystery novels, her Evil and Prey series. It is a bit confusing to start reading the Allison Brennan books in order, as there are many recurring characters throughout her various series. I guess the best is to read them in order of publication, starting with her Predator trilogy (with her first book The Prey. That’s how I tackled them as well and was not disappointed.

Speaking of the author and her series, she has a new one underway to be published March 25 with a first book called Notorious. Guess that’s another book that I’ll just have to get now.

Fatal Fortune by Victoria LaurieVictoria Laurie – Fatal Fortune – A Psychic Eye Mystery #12 – published July 1

I was always drawn to paranormal mysteries, and the Psychic Eye series is a great example of a character that can solve crimes using her psychic powers. Of course the fact that the series is really good, makes it easy to keep a look for any new book published by the author. Abby Cooper is a fun character that you can’t but like.

The first book in the cozy series, Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, got my attention and if you like paranormal cozies, it will get yours as well. The series is best read in order from the first to the last one.

The Good, the Bad, and the Emu by Donna AndrewsDonna Andrews – The Good, the Bad, and the Emus – Meg Lanslow #17 – published July 8

The reason why this series caught my eyes in the first place is because the main character, Meg, is a blacksmith, and anything about blacksmiths and pieces of art catches my attention immediately. I make metal jewelry in my spare time, so when a book with a character that has a profession that speaks to me on an artistic level is published, I definitely pay attention.

The cozy mystery series is fun to read – and by fun I also mean that there is a lot of fun and humor in it, and the books make for a light entertaining afternoon. Whenever I want something light that doesn’t need my serious attention, these books are simply perfect to grab in my hands (or on my iPad).

The Heist by Daniel SilvaDaniel Silva – The Heist – Gabriel Allon #14 – published July 15

The Heist is the latest spy novel in the Gabriel Allon series. The main character is a spy by past time, and an art restorer as full time job. The new book seems to evolve around a stolen masterpiece by Caravaggio, and as I love art a lot, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the book. I love what the author wrote about the book on his website: “sometimes the best way to find a masterpiece is to steal another one”. Great catch phrase that I’m sure it will do the book justice!

The book doesn’t have yet a cover, I’m really curious to see what the graphics designer for this novel will come up with!

The 6th Extinction by James RollinsJames Rollins – The Sixth Extinction – Sigma Force novel #10 – published August 12

Now this is a book that I’m really looking forward to reading. I love love love the Sigma Force series  and I’ve read every book so far that was published. A wonderful adventure thriller series with a  bit of historical mystery and a bit of scientific speculation (as noted by the author) that keeps you reading until the last page.

I also love the author’s stand alone adventure novels as well as his new slightly paranormal mystery series, The Order of the Sanguines. Still the Sigma Series is his best, in my opinion.

Personal by Lee ChildLee Child – Personal – Jack Reacher #19 – published August 28

Here is another book that I’m excited about this year. Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series is popular all over the world and with good reason. The guy is one of those unsung lonely heros that everyone would love to meet to solve their most serious problems with a gruff elegance only known to Reacher. There was even a movie made with Tom Cruise featuring Jack Reacher, and while the actor was a bit unusual (due to his shorter size, etc) for the role, the film was quite good actually, it’s worth watching.

I’ve been reading the Jack Reacher books in order from the first published in 1997, Killing Floor and I don’t intend to stop with the series until the last is published – and I hope it won’t be any time soon!

The Wolf in Winter by John ConnollyJohn Connolly – The Wolf In Winter – Charlie Parker #12 – published October 28

John Connolly is the author of the popular Charlie Parker series, featuring the former New York cop, now private investigator. His past is clouded by the murder of his wife and daughter, so his whole life is literally tormented by what happened before.

The books are rather dark, but really suspenseful and entertaining. He is a master of cliffhangers that keep you at the edge of your seat at all times. One thing I like about this series is that it has also elements of the supernatural within. And as always, I am a major fan of supernatural mysteries, be it cozies of scary thrillers.

The Burning Room by Michael ConnellyMichael Connelly – The Burning Room – Harry Bosch #19 – published November 3

I’m a big fan of the Harry Bosch novels, with the lonely private investigator, who used to be an LA police detective. His first book, The Black Echo, was published in 1992, and I”ve been a fan of this author from the start.

This last novel with the strange crime, is as intriguing as his previous books. Here Harry has to investigate the late death of a man who died 9 years after being shot by a stray bullet. I think it’s the first time I hear of such a case where a person dies years after the crime against him was committed, so I’ll be reading the book as soon as it is out, as it really got me curious.

Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preson and Lincoln ChildDouglas Preston & Lincoln Child – Blue Labyrinth – Special Agent Pendergast #14 – published November 11

The Pendergast series is again, one of my favorites. I can’t pass up reading any of the books, and I haven’t either. Ever since reading the first 3 books – Relic, Reliquary and The Cabinet of Curiosities, I was hooked! For some reason, however, those 3 first books made the strongest impression on me ever, even though I’ve read all the 13 books in the series so far.

I do love crime thrillers, but there is something about the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious that keeps me glued to the pages. Btw you should read the Pendergast series in order, so that you understand more about the history behind Constance and what happens with Helen, Pendergast’s wife.

So there you have them, 15 new titles upcoming in 2014 in popular series by mystery authors that we love. Will you read any of these books when they are available as paperback or on Kindle?


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    1. I know, with her standalone Cop Town, but the reason I haven’t added the book here (although I can’t wait to read it) is because I only listed here book sequels for existing mystery series – and this book will be a standalone one. Hm, I might just work my way through a second list of standalone novels by much loved authors, I bet there are quite a few – e.g. I’m waiting for Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes, and I’ll grab soon Harlan Coben’s Missing you – which should be available for a few days already.

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