Ruth Galloway Series In Order

The Ruth Galloway series is a relatively new addition to the archaeological mysteries with the first book published in 2009.

Currently with 5 books under her belt, Elly Griffiths started the book series inspired by her husband who switched from a city job to become an archaeologist.

Ruth is a forensic anthropologist who is living in her cottage near Norfolk with her two cats – when she is not digging up graves and bones linked to archaeology, that is.

Below are the Elly Griffiths books in order as they were written (as well as in chronological order). Btw, book 4.5 Ruth’s First Christmas Tree is a free Kindle download at Amazon.

1 – The Crossing Places, 2009

2 – The Janus Stone, 2010

3 – The Hous At Sea’s End, 2011

4 – A Room Full Of Bones, 2011

4.5 – Ruth’s First Christmas Tree, 2012

5 – A Dying Fall, 2012

The Crossing PlacesThe Crossing Places

The Janus StoneThe Janus Stone

The House at Sea's EndThe House at Sea’s End

A Room Full of BonesA Room Full of Bones

Ruth's First Christmas TreeRuth’s First Christmas Tree

A Dying FallA Dying Fall

Should we read the Elly Griffiths books in order?

I read the book series in order and I’m glad I did. First of all I love archaeological mysteries, and when forensic anthropology is also involved, well, count me in! I got hooked right away.

The stories in each book are stand alone, however the interaction between the main characters (namely Ruth and Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson. They have a rather complicated relationship which we get to entangle thread by thread through each of the novels.

The book series is a very light mystery, nothing scary or gross going on there (despite the main character being a forensic anthropologist). It is not really your typical murder mystery either, however it does pull you in.

Personally I recommend that you read the books in order. Afteral they’re only 5 books so far, so it’s not difficult to catch up to the last one.


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  1. Grumpy says:

    I’m finishing the first book and loved it. Can’t wait to read more about lovable Ruth. It’s pleasantly hilarious how Ruth is described as overweight, not-too-exciting as a character, middle-aged and lives with two cats. However, she’s overwhelmed with admirers, e.g., Peter, Nelson, etc…Gosh, I wish I could be that overwhelmed by love. I love Ruth. Thanks Ms. Griffiths for creating such a wonderful character.

  2. Beryl says:

    And now “the Outcast Dead” 2014. Can’t wait for the next.

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