Karin Slaughter Books In Order

Karin Slaughter (website) is the author of two popular mystery series, Will Trent and (my favorite) her Grant County series. While the two mystery series are distinct from each other, in 2009 the author linked them through the book Undone (Genesis in the UK), so right now we have 2 main series and a third one unoficially called the Genesis series.

I’ve actually read her books in order right from the start. I’ve been introduced to Karin Slaughter through Blindsighted in 2001, her very first novel. It is also the first in the Grant County series, a forensic mystery series set in Georgia focusing on three main characters: Sara Linton who is the local pediatrician and also part time coroner, her ex and current husband Jeffrey Tolliver and another strange character named Lena Adams, who is working for Tolliver. The series has 6 books with the last one written in 2007.

The second series, Will Trent, takes place in Atlanta alternating with Georgia (some books in the series are also called the Georgia series) and has as main characters the FBI agent Will Trent, Faith Mitchell who is his partner, and Angie Polaski. Later on through the connecting novels, Sara Linton the main protagonist of the Grant County series also joins forces with them in a few following books including Undone, Broken, Fallen, Snatched and Criminal.

Unseen by Karin Slaughter

Her latest novel published in 2013 is called Unseen and it is the 7th in the Will Trent series (well technically it’s the 9th one as there are two short novellas part of the series before this). It is a book that is on my TBR list, should get to it over the Christmas holidays. I’ve read all the previous books by Karin Slaughter – and in order too – so I won’t have troubles picking up Unseen.

Here are the Karin Slaughter books in order for the two series, Will Trent and Grant County.

Grant County Series In Order

1. Blindsighted (Grant County series #1), published 2001

2. Kisscut (Grant County series #2), published 2002

3. A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County series #3), published 2003

4. Indelible (Grant County series #4), published 2004

5. Faithless (Grant County series #5), published 2005

6. Beyond Reach (also called Skin Privilege) (Grant County series #6), published 2007

Will Trend Series In Order

1. Triptych (Will rent series #1), published 2006

2. Fractured (Will rent series #2), published 2008

3. Undone (also called Genesis) (Will rent series #3), published 2009 – also part of the Georgia series

4. Broken (Will rent series #4), published 2010 – also part of the Georgia series

5. Fallen (Will rent series #5), published 2011 – also part of the Georgia series

6. Snatched (Will Trent series 5.5), published 2012

7. Criminal (Will Trent series 6), published 2012 – also part of the Georgia series

8. Busted (Will Trent series 6.5), published 2013

9. Unseen (Will Trent series 7), published 2013 – also part of the Georgia series

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  1. Lynn says:

    Thank you thank you for putting these in order. I have read them out of order and wondered what happened to Sara Linton. (edited by MysterySequels to remove spoilers).

  2. cheryl jackson says:

    will there be another book about will trent and sara linton.i love these books iv read them all unseen was great i need more please.

  3. pamela Gee says:

    trying to remember if Jeffrey Tolliver died in the Grant County series. Confused

  4. Jan says:

    Have now finished the Grant County and Georgia series, I was a little upset about the mixed years time line and confused as to who was responsible for Jeffery’s death and why Sara blamed Lena.
    Do we ever find out how Jared and Sara get together?

  5. joan krach says:

    What ever happened to Lena Adams. What is the last book that she appeared in. I think I have read all the books so far but she seemed to drop out of sight unless I am missing one.

  6. joan krach says:

    What is the last book that Lena Adams appeared in?

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